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Mikumi Health Center Tanzania - Dr Langezaal


2019 verslag Harry Borst en Henk de Boer
15 november 2007
14 november 2007
27 februari 2008


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Verslag van Henk de Boer en Harry Borst   Terug<
Juni 2019

Verslag van de reis van Harry Borst en Henk de Boer voor MSF  naar Tanzania juni 2019 1e week
Woensdag 5 juni: Vertrek 0m 10.35 u. per KLM vanaf Schiphol met Boeing 777,
erg groot maar kwam toch los van de grond. Ticket retour voor € 670,-  Alleen stop in Arusha voor Kilimanjaro mensen.  We zaten om 23.00 u. in het FQ hotel vlak bij de luchthaven van Dar es Salaam. Douane deed beetje moeilijk over het bloedruk meter koffertje wat we van de Rotary Rijnwoude hadden gekregen, maar na wat uitleg mochten we toch zonder bij betalen door.....
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Dr Langezaal aan Sr Maximiliana   Terug<
15 November 2007

Dear Sr Maximiliana,

We are very happy with the good news! We did not receive any e-mail from you since months. It didn't work we think.

Our CONGRATULATIONS with the AWARD you received from the Ministry of Health, and the fact that you finished your study as the BEST FEMALE DOCTOR in Tanzania!!!!!!!!! We all, "Missië en Ontwikkeling", Graalhuis, and Morogoro Support Foundation are very proud of you! We think that the good feeling you must have now is the best start for your work in MHC. When do you start in Mikumi Health Center? We hope soon. Many greetings and all the best, Dr Oscar and Mama Katelijne  

Sr Maximiliana aan Dr Langezaal    Terug<
14 November 2007


Dearest my parents,

I'm verry sorry that for long time there was no communication between us I'm not so sure the problem whether realy connection or address changes because I tried several times to send E-mail but no reply and sometimes doesn't send. But now good news to tell you that I have finnished my internship,i'm at leave for few days .hopefully that you are all okay.and suporting my joyfullness. Last year early July I was selected by ministry of Health and science and technology to a female best student in science subject in universities .Ireceived certificate award and Ishared this information with you but I think information not reached to you.I think Mwanza is aplace where communication is apropblem I tried again to see if this will be possible to be send. Okay many greetings to all.

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